Project 1: Google AdSense Mass Tweet and Petition Program

Google, Reinstate AdSense accounts for Innocent Creators Targeted by "Click Bombing"!

Let's be honest, many young bloggers and YouTubers have lost their monetization contracts, but, not all of them are guilty. We, at TrueTech, are also a victim of this, though we never violated AdSense policies. On 28th October 2016, we faced a huge "Click Bombing attack" and overnight, we lost our AdSense account. However, it's not only limited to us, all of you young bloggers and YouTubers can face this! A malicious attack from Click Bombers can get your AdSense earnings and account ruined! And Google never reinstates these accounts. But, it isn't Google's fault either, they do have to maintain quality on their platforms, thus, they take Invalid Click Activity very seriously! Therefore, we creators and Google need to work out a solution for the ones who face Click Bombing.

What is "Click Bombing"?

When your blog or YouTube channel suddenly hits a copious amount of traffic and High-CTR ad-clicks, usually pulled off by a malicious user or a group to get your AdSense account disabled, is known as Click Bombing or a Click Bombing attack. How? The traffic and High-CTR ad-clicks deceive Google AdSense's bots into believing that it is an illicit and unethical act of "Invalid Click Activity".
    "The reality is that Google is very serious about invalid click activity. The most common occurrence by far is when users either click their own ads a bunch of times or ask others to click as for them. Google is smart. They can detect this pretty easily and there is no faster way to get your account shut down." -

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Why are we raising a voice?

As we mentioned earlier, we are a victim of a Click Bombing attack. While under such an attack, the first thing a creator should do is to demonetize their content as soon as possible and report this activity to Google. And at TrueTech, we are very careful with our advertisement placements! We also make sure to abide by the AdSense TOS and policies, serving as a reason to have an active account for almost two years. The attack we faced was pulled off by very smart malicious user(s) who performed their task at late night when most of us are asleep. Which is why we couldn't demonetize our content in time. And as a consequence, we lost our AdSense account overnight. Therefore, it wasn't our unethical handiwork; rather it is someone else's malevolent and vicious plan! And now, despite providing Google with all the legitimate reports and this sad truth, they do not want to reinstate our AdSense account, which is understandable as Google cannot trust each and every one! So many people can misuse this term "Click Bombing" as an excuse!
Not only us, but other genuine and innocent creators have to face this miserable fate as well, being sandwiched between Google's disappointing conduct and the advantage grabbing malicious click bombers. Furthermore, there are no limits these click bombers are bound to, and maybe, you might face this miserable situation in the future! Therefore, let's raise a voice against for shaping a better tomorrow for all of us creators and improvising the services that Google AdSense provides us with!
Therefore, let's raise a voice for this, afterall it's us, the creators enlightening Google's platforms, especially YouTube and AdSense. Let's make our endeavours count!

The solution

As we mentioned earlier, Google cannot be held to blame either. These imminent attacks cannot be predicted or countered easily. Which is why creators and Google need to work together to bring about an appropriate solution. Because permanently banning the account directly isn't a favourable resolution. To address this problem we have come up with a few solutions.
  1. Providing the user with a notice in prior: As soon as something suspicious is detected on the creators' account, Google could warn them before disabling their account. This would not only help the creator find out a solution to cease this activity, but also protect his or her AdSense account.
  2. Halting ad service for a particular time frame and providing reports regarding the suspicious activity: Google could stop the ad service on the creators' channel/blog for the next 72 hours or a month. They could also provide a detailed report about the suspicious activity. This would allow the creator to figure out a solution and fix the problem by banning malicious users and attackers. Google could also remove the ad revenue generated within the span of the activity.
  3. Analyse the creators' history before banning them: Google could also analyze the creator's history and track their record for previous violations before taking stick measures directly.
  4. Smarter ads, hidden when malicious activity detected: lastly, if possible, Google could augment their ad widgets by hiding the ads when malicious activity is detected.