Project 1: Google AdSense Mass Tweet and Petition Program (MTPP)

Let's be honest, many young bloggers and YouTubers have lost their monetization contracts, but, not all of them are guilty. We, at TrueTech, are also a victim of this, though we never violated AdSense policies. On 28th October 2016, we faced a huge "Click Bombing attack" and overnight, we lost our AdSense account. However, it's not only limited to us, all of you young bloggers and YouTubers can face this! A malicious attack from Click Bombers can get your AdSense earnings and account ruined! How? Through an inevitable flaw in Google's own AdSense system, for which, they only present vague claims. What's more is that Google never reinstates the targeted AdSense accounts. Why shall innocent creators face this? Raise your voice now! If not for yourself, then for your fellow content creators!